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So... you don't take insurance?

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Restoring the Doctor-Patient Relationship

Fresh Start Primary Care does not interact with your insurance company. This is our way of providing excellence in health care quality.

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Does this mean I should cancel my insurance?

No. If you have insurance, you can still use it at any specialist, the ER or the hospital. However, if you do not have insurance, you will still enjoy high quality care at Fresh Start Primary Care.

What is included in my membership?

​All of the below with no extra fee or copay:

  • Unlimited visits

  • Unhurried visits

  • No wait time

  • 24/7 text or email access to a board-certified family physician

  • In-office testing 

  • In-office procedures

  • Low cost bloodwork

  • At-cost imaging

  • Care coordination with specialists

Our aim is to save you time, money and energy on your journey to a healthier life.​

Will I always see Dr. Agyemang?

Absolutely! Dr. Agyemang will maintain a small panel to ensure her patients always get access to her!

Are there any other possible fees besides the membership?

If you choose to use our lab benefit, the low cost is initially charged to our practice.


We will bill you the low-cost of the labs. 

If you use your insurance for labs at your preferred lab, you will pay the insurance copay.

If a specimen is sent to pathology (such as a skin growth or cervical cells) the pathologist will send you a bill.

Will I have to wait months to see the doctor?

Dr. Agyemang can see you usually within a few days of paying your first membership fee. 

Do I have to be a member to see Dr. Agyemang?

We want all of our patients to get the full benefits of a direct primary care membership. 

However, one-time consultations are available.

$215 for virtual visits

$225 for in-office visits

Call 904-474-9922 to book.


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